We are offering:

  1. Construction of residential houses
  2. Selling the land

In 2007 our company launched the housing development of 98 residential houses, each taking up between 550 sqm to 2000 sqm. The site is located on the edge of Pruzina village, which is the part of Povazska Bystrica region in Slovakia. The site is providing a magnificent panoramic view on the surrounding Strazovske pohorie (Strazovske Hills).
The position of the housing development provides the sunlight throughout all day and from the north the characteristic pinewood, which will become a relaxation park for the residents in the future, gives a pleasant shade to the proposed site.
This attractive position of the site and its scenery has a high potential to create a comfortable and a healthy place to live, that is not far from the town.
The distance between the site and the nearest town Povazska Bystrica is 18 km, Trencin 40 km and the nearest access to the motorway is within10 km distance.
At present Pruzina village is on the high-level of standards, comprising of a kinder garden, a primary school, a medical centre for children and adults, post office, several shops and a church with a Calvary and a chaplaincy and other services.


A new drainage system, new road surfaces and  wireless TV signal have been put in Pruzina village. The implementation of the wireless Internet connection is in the process of consultations. The two mobile phone companies, Orange and T-Mobile cover the area of Pruzina village.
Pruzina village also features its own fire department, a sport club and a gardening club.
The surrounding nature of the area gives an opportunity for tourism, cycling, and forest fruit picking, creating an ideal place for sport and relax. Several tourist routes connect Pruzina village with its neighbourhood such as Cicmany, Mojtin and Zliechov.
The noted Slovak spa Rajecke Teplice (Rajecke Spa) is situated only around 20 km from Pruzina village.
At present a new pension is being under construction in Pruzina village containing a restaurant with a small bar, sport facilities such as bowling and a fitness centre. There will also be rehabilitation and accommodation facilities.
In the context of the above it would be fair to say that Pruzina village associated with the proposed housing development is about to fulfil all desires that come with an ideal living.


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