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Viktor Kvassay VK-SOK
Building and managing contractor
Povazske Podhradie 323
017 04 Povazska Bystrica





Kvaššay Viktor
Kňazovická Andrea


Tel:  042/432 4118
Mob: 0903 554 118
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  • Residential houses built by the VK-SOK company at the price from 3mil. SKK to
    5mil. SKK
  • Individually chosen land. The house has to be built on the bought land in two years time from the date of the start of the construction. If the construction of the house will not start within the period of two years from the date the land was bought, the VK-SOK company reserves the right to buy it back at the initial selling price. This paragraph will be specified in more detail in the contract between the VK-SOK company and a buyer. The price of the land range is from 380.00 SKK to 480.00 SKK per 1 sqm including infrastructure expenses.
  • Residential houses built by the VK-SOK company according to individual clients requirements, which are based on their project documentation.
  • Very limited number of land will be sold for commercial purposes to prevent any disturbance that would limit and disturb residents’ lives.

The construction will be divided into several phases depending on the infrastructure completion.


More information is available by contacting us.

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